We are part of a story. A story that started long before you and us.

The people and places of our sport are what make this sport great. The athletes who’ve come before us. The athletes who will follow the
path we carve out. We all have a responsibility to contribute to the legacy of our sport. To make our sport better for those who follow.


The 776 Legacy Collection is designed to honour and celebrate the stories of our sport. Those we have helped make our sport great and
the regattas and courses which live on our bucket lists and are carved in memories.

The first capsule- LEGACY, is inspired by the iconic designs worn by the rowers in the early 1900’s and reimagined for the 21st Century
athlete. Featuring vintage hues, striking sash designs, soft-touch binding, silicone leg bands and carbon mesh paneling for enhanced
performance on and off water.

Celebrate the rich history of our sport with this special edition collection, available now.