776BC. The founding year of the ancient Olympic Games.

This is when sport as we know it began. 


For true athletes, sport isn't a race to the finish line. 
It's a lifelong commitment, a vow to give everything, no matter what. 
Meaning and satisfaction lie in the milliseconds, the sweat, breaking down barriers, playing through pain, recovering with determination, and getting up in the morning to do it all again.  


Founded in Melbourne Australia by two-time Olympian and Beijing Olympic Silver Medallist Cameron McKenzie-McHarg and Kate McKenzie-McHarg, and trusted by athletes worldwide, at 776BC we develop technical products for pursuits on the water, road or track.  



We exist to support athletes in the pursuit of performance.   

At 776BC we work with the world's best athletes to create a range of specialised performance apparel that stands up to the toughest training programs so you can go further on the water, road or track. Founded by athletes for athletes, 776BC is built for performance.  

Developed, tested and endorsed by elite athletes, each item in the 776BC range combines premium performance fabrics with true athlete insight, to deliver the gear you deserve when you step out to deliver your winning performance.  



At 776BC we respect those who are willing to ‘take the long road.’  

The pathway to performance is often a long and gruelling path that takes true grit, passion and unwavering determination. We’re committed to producing products built for that journey. Technical garments built to last.  

At 776BC we’re committed to having a positive impact on the communities we serve and environment in which we operate and compete. 

We don’t develop products for fashion or one race. We're committed to developing technical products that stand up to the hardest tests and longest sessions. All 776BC products are built to last which speaks to our core philosophy and approach to sustainability. We develop products that athletes can wear season after season, that truly perform and most of all   are durable. 

As athletes, nature is the backdrop to our most epic pursuits and we’re committed to respecting and protecting it. This means that sustainable and ethical considerations come first. We’re not perfect, but we’ve made a commitment to minimising our impact on the environment in every way possible. From recycling unused textiles, upcycling used garments, to choosing sustainable fabrics, biodegradable packaging and marketing materials.  

Learn more about our journey of continuous improvement, specific initiatives and commitments here.

776BC is the official Apparel supplier and sponsor of Rowing Australia and the Australian Rowing Team. 776BC provides technical performance and training apparel to the Australian Rowing Team athletes and staff. Rowing Australia is the National governing body for the sport of rowing in Australia. The Australian Rowing Team includes all rowers selected to represent Australia internationally at Junior, Under 23 or Senior level at the Rowing World Cups and World Championships. 



We are a hard-working team who are busy building one of the world’s fastest growing performance apparel brands.

We’re creating technical performance products that our customers love and share a passion for challenging the status quo. We run our global marketing and operations in Melbourne Australia, in close liaison with our team in the US.

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