776BC Club Shop T&C's

Club Shops can be set up online at www.776BC.com
1. All styles included in your Club Shop must reach a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 9 units per style. Men’s and Women’s styles are treated separately.
2. If orders do not meet the MOQ the Club Shop owner will be given the option to either;
I. Extend the Club Shop order window to allow more time for orders
II. Place a top-up order to meet the MOQ
III. Pay a ‘Below Minimum Charge’ of AU$200 for each style
IV. Request 776BC cancels and refunds this style
3. Once the Club Shop is set up, new order windows can be set at any time by contacting your 776BC account manager.
4. Garment prices will be set in consultation with the Club Shop owner based on forecast order quantities. If the final order is 10% below the agreed forecast order quantity, 776BC will charge a ‘Below Forecast Charge’ of AU$200 per style.
5. Delivery can be made in bulk to a single location or to individuals at their address of choice;
I. If you choose to have your order bulk shipped to a single location, $4 or £2 will be added to each individual order to cover shipping and handling.
II. If you would like individual garments/orders packed and labelled for each athlete, there will be an additional cost of AU$1 per garment and will be added as a packing fee to each shopping cart.
III. Alternately if the club or organisation would prefer to pay for the bulk shipment and individual packing, we can arrange this directly with you and remove this charge from individuals placing orders.
IV. If you would prefer items to be shipped to individuals, a delivery Processing and Delivery fee of AU$25 per order is added to the price at checkout.